UI vs UX

The Difference Between UI & UX

UI and UX are perhaps some of the most confusing terms in today’s world. Most people don’t even know what they mean, much less their purpose, and that’s quite ironic.

Why, you ask?

Because from the moment we wake up to the moment we sleep, all of us are affected by both UI and UX. Let’s take a look at these two terms before taking a look at why they’re important to our everyday lives.

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Why Your Restaurant Should Have a Mobile App

7 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Should Have a Mobile App

There’s no such thing as a business that doesn’t need to adapt. Whether it’s to new methods or to rising trends, a company is more likely to succeed if it renews itself from time to time–something that’s especially true for the food house industry.

Trends everywhere are moving towards mobile, signaling a new, increasingly popular marketing strategy for restaurant owners.

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Why Your Medical Office Needs a Mobile App

9 Reasons Why Your Medical Office Needs a Mobile App

If you’ve been deliberating over developing a mobile app for your medical office, you’re already thinking ahead in your industry.

Medical specialists often look to their mobile devices to source medical data or to stay up to date with the latest breakthroughs in the health sphere. Yet at the time of this article, the market for health-related mobile apps is virtually untapped.

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Top 12 Best Features in iOS 12

Top 12 Best Features in iOS 12

What are the top 12 best features to look forward to in iOS 12?

The release of iOS 12 is just around the corner. I know you are anxious to learn what new features will be available. Apple has made many improvements while adding new items in iOS 12.

I will take you through the top 12 best features of the new iOS 12.

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How to Uniquely and Effectively Pitch Your App to Investors

How to Uniquely and Effectively Pitch Your App to Investors

Knowing how to pitch your app to potential investors is fundamental to securing capital to develop it. A typical investor likely receives several proposals on a daily basis.


Well, just like you, there are several people looking to raise funds for their projects.

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How Much Does It Cost to Build an App Like Instagram

How Much Does it Cost to Build an App Like Instagram?

Have you ever wanted an app like Instagram for your business?

The digital world we have today is one that’s fast evolving. And as far as apps go, users are a lot more attracted to visual content.

They pay far less attention to long pieces of written content and are leaning towards high-quality images and videos a little more every day.

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Native vs Hybrid

Native vs Hybrid Apps Pros and Cons

So, you’re thinking about having an app developed. You may have also heard the terms “native” or “hybrid” app being thrown around as well and may not be sure of exactly what either of those terms mean.

If you’ve found yourself asking, ‘which is best for me and or my company?’ you’re in the right place.

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Mobile App Cost

How Much Does It Cost to Build A Great Mobile App?

So how much does it truly cost to build an app?

The giant strides in technology have ushered in a new era for businesses everywhere.

Before the advent of mobile technology, the only digital means most brands had to generate sales was through social media platforms and websites.

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What is a Minimum Viable Product

All You Need to Know About Minimum Viable Product

Do you know how to find your Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?

Since the entry of smartphones, there has been a significant shift in the way human beings access information.

Thanks to fast-paced technological advancement, the usefulness of phones has gone far beyond just calling, texting, and playing games.

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How to Find the best app developer

How to Find the Best App Developer

You Need an App Developer—Here’s How to Find One

Few of us are creative enough to come up with the next big thing in the app store. You’ve found a niche or market that needs attention in a specific area and this prospective app will solve that problem.

You know what it needs to do, how you want your users to use it, and most importantly who it will benefit most. Your new app idea is more or less all figured out! Except of course, how to actually make the app itself.

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