5 Reasons Why Converting Your Website (Blog) to an App can Solidify Your Brand

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As a Blogger, do you want to share and inspire your followers, while growing your business, at the same time?

Perhaps your purpose is to make a positive impact on your community, build your brand, and grow your followers.

If so, converting your website to an App may be for you.

One of the main reasons Bloggers like you are considering mobile apps is to build brand awareness and to stand out from the competition.

But if you think mobile apps are for big name brands only, you’re wrong.

More and more entrepreneurial Bloggers are turning their websites into an app, because they know it’s risky to build your brand, your following, on “rented” social media property.

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Build Brand and Recognition with Your Own Mobile App

A mobile app can solidify your Blogger brand in two ways:


Your mobile app is like a blank billboard.

You can make it stylish, fun, hip, functional, educational, or transformative. But you need to make sure your app has features your followers love while being personally branded and beautifully designed.


The more often your followers are involved with your app, the more trust you build, then the sooner they will buy your product and/or service. This creates “customer awareness” of your brand.

Having your own mobile app means you can focus on giving value to your real fans.

In case you’re not sure why a Blogger would want to convert their website into a native app, here are the top five ways an app can solidify your brand as a Blogger.

Why Converting Your Blog to an App Improves Your Brand and Gives You Authority

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1 – Improves Engagement with Your Followers

Having your own personalized mobile app is a game changer because you can directly engage with your followers in the app so that you’ll always be connected with your tribe.

A well-designed app builds relationship with your followers on a different level from social media or interaction on your website. And you can improve engagement by sending notifications so you can reach your followers 24/7.

Not only that, you can sync your app with social media to help your followers share content with their friends, extending your brand further.

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Sell Your Own Products on Your Mobile App

2 – Will Boost Mobile E-Commerce Traffic and Monetizing Your Business

Imagine being able to monetize your content, knowledge and expertise through your own personalized app. Now it’s possible.

A personalized brand-focused e-commerce app makes it easy for your followers to shop while building your brand.

And even if they are not on your app, your logo is a constant reminder on their mobile screens. This means you’re building trust, brand recognition and an excellent mobile experience.

Converting your website into an app will make a difference to your business by making it simple for your followers to:

  • review your courses
  • check product availability
  • receive special offers
  • make purchases

3 – Creates a New Marketing Channel for Your Business

Instead of focusing on social media platforms to build your brand, one of the biggest benefits of your own mobile app is that all the information you want to give your followers is always at their fingertips.

Push Notifications are the new Email Newsletters

Through push notifications, you’re interacting and reminding your followers about your brand, your products and services. You’re giving your followers exactly what they want when they want it.

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This is app marketing made easy.

And by having your mobile app in the App Store or Google Play, you globally expand your reach with another marketing channel.

What’s more… getting your brand, name, logo, or tagline in front of your followers is a useful marketing strategy that can boost your brand recognition.

4 – Helping You Provide Better Customer Service to Your Followers

Blogger App Chat Feature
Blogger App Chat Feature

Your mobile app can make it easy to deliver customer service instantly and seamlessly. This means you’re more likely to keep your followers happy and coming back again.

Although social media is a good way to connect, message and give support to your followers, apps now provide an innovative channel of communication.

Having your own mobile app demonstrates that you’re committed to taking care of your followers’ needs because you can provide fast support through chats, public discussion forums or private groups.

This shows them that you care and want to help.

And when customer satisfaction increases, your sales will too. Best of all… you’ll receive message notifications to always stay connected to the heart of your community.

5 – Be Visible to Followers… Always

Having your own App makes you visible to your community because you control the content, reach and engagement with your tribe.

Even if your followers aren’t regularly using your app, if they have your app downloaded on their phone, they’re going to see it every time they look through their apps.

This means you’re constantly visible and they’ll be reminded that you exist.

How to Stand Out from Your Competition

Stand out from the crowd

It’s still rare, these days, for every Blogger and entrepreneur to have their own mobile app. Now is the time you can be ahead of your competitors.

Be the first in your niche to offer a mobile app to your followers.

They’ll be astonished by your forward-thinking approach! You’ll be seen as innovative and someone who is a first adopter of this new way of content marketing.

And when someone is interested in your articles, courses, events, products or services, you can tell them to download your app.

They’ll instantly know that you’re a successful business because you have an app.

So be bold… be a Blogger with an app for your followers and see what it does for your brand and your business.

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