Top 12 Best Features in iOS 12

Top 12 Best Features in iOS 12



What are the top 12 best features to look forward to in iOS 12?

The release of iOS 12 is just around the corner. I know you are anxious to learn what new features will be available. Apple has made many improvements while adding new items in iOS 12.

I will take you through the top 12 best features of the new iOS 12.

1. Screen Time Control

In a CNBC video about the updates and additions to the new iOS 12, the new screen time control feature received a round of applause from the audience when it was displayed and talked about.

apple screentime
Screen Time – Copyright Apple

Perhaps that partly has to do with several research of screen addictions that has risen in recent years like Alice Walton’s article on Forbes. 

Apple, in their update, has responded to that problem.

According to Apple, the new iOS 12 will include a screen control feature that helps users know how much time they spend on the screen. It will also have widgets that allows users to set restrictions on how much time they want to spend on each app allowing for a more detailed control of screen time (MacRumors).

Users can personalize the screen time settings so that they can be notified when they are spending a lot of time on the screen or on an app.

Another interesting fact is that the screen time feature can allow users to set up parental control on how their children use the devices. More information is available on Mac World.

2. Notification Management

Normally in previous iOS versions, notifications received on the lock screen come as a thread of notification from different apps so that users will have to go through all of them as they would a thread. The new iOS 12 is different in the way it is organized.

notifications apple
Notifications – Copyright Apple
Now notifications show in groups according to the apps they are from and users can easily select what group of notifications they want to view.

Fossbytes explains how the notifications settings are easier to manage than they used to be. In iOS 12, users can simply slide a notification left to reveal a set of operations they can perform; i.e., delete and turn off.

Images of how these work are available on MacRumors.

3. Picture Filters

It is no news that apple devices have amazing cameras that produce top-notch images. That is one of the things apple users love about them.

“The iOS 12 makes photos even more fun by the inclusion of more filters. The new update makes using the iPhone cameras more interesting than it was, especially with the new memoji.”

Techradar explains how young people may not always want to just use their faces during FaceTime. Memojis, when used, can mimic facial movements like a wink and/or a tongue out, as well as some eye movement.  This can be seen in the CNBC video.

Memoji is not the only emoji addition to the iOS 12 update, the animojis available have also received a little addition and also share in the tongue out feature.

4. The Measure Tool 

The new iOS 12 update has a feature and improvement in measure tool that makes it handy. This is beyond just being fun for its users. This update can come in handy with conversations of work where a person may have to communicate measurements of objects they are faced with to others over the phone.

They do not have to find measuring tools because the iOS 12 measurement feature can help them.

That is not just as good as it gets, as explained on TechRadar, the measurement apps can also work with images previously taken and not just real time camera feeds. This measurement may not be accurate, but it could at least be a good enough approximation.

The measure app is an AR feature, but is not the only AR improvement made in the iOS 12 as discussed further below. It is an interesting way to interact with the 3-D environment around you.

5. More Interactive Siri

This new iOS has improved on Siri. Siri is popular as an iOS/digital assistance, and iPhone users particularly enjoy the help it provides.

This new iOS update has made Siri even more interactive by its ability to speak more languages and to make suggestions to problems.

Siri does this by making use of data of sites that have been previously visited and those that are often visited and use that to make suggestions.

As explained on Digitaltrends, Siri will not only be able to make suggestions, but a Siri shortcut feature added can allow Siri to function as a reminder for some tasks.

Apple iOS 12 features and tips

Task such as, informing colleagues about missing a meeting schedule, finding lost keys and more. Even though setting up these shortcuts may be a little tasking at the start, the benefits in the long-run out weight how stressful it appears, since Siri will now be “smarter.”

6. Improved Overall Performance

Apple in their statement about the improvements on the iOS 12, mentioned the idea of a better performance on their devices.

Apple wants to make sure the performance speed of devices as far back as the iPhone 5s are seamless and effective in shorter times.

In this attempt as explained by Apple, the battery life will be improved as well as the performance with up to 40% for app launch, with  a smoother animation, and shorter time in the loading keyboard.

Digitaltrends explains how the CPU performance rate will be automatically adjusted to allow for a longer battery time. Considering the complaints about the last iOS update, this improvement is welcomed and needed.

In addition, to force close an app all a user has to do is to swipe up rather double tap the home button.

7. Improved group FaceTime images

Images of people on group FaceTime has never been better. The new iOS update improves this imagery.

apple facetime
FaceTime – Copyright Apple

Group FaceTime now allows up to thirty-two users to be connected at the same time. Each user has a part of the screen where their personalized tile appears.

Viewing any user at any time is easy by tapping their tile. The tile is then brought to front and enlarged to view them fully. At the same time, any user that is actively speaking will automatically have their tile enlarge on the screens of each connected users.

This means a better image experience for everyone in the FaceTime chat!

FaceTime is now connected to i-message and can be setup and accessed from there. The new bitmojis and filters are also available for use on the group FaceTime chat too. You can view a demonstration here.

Group FaceTime improvement is not limited to video chats. They are also available on audio and can be answered with the use Apple smart watches.

8. Device Access

The iOS is bringing in major improvements to how a device is protected from the public, so that users can use face detection more conveniently.

There are also improved privacy of the apps and files on the device.

Fossbytes and Gadjethacks elaborates on how Safari has been improved to lock out third parties from accessing data on the device without permission. There are also improvements in storing password information, so that users feel safer protecting their information with complex passwords.

A further breakdown on Macrumors is the improved security of the new iOS 12: 
  • Password auditing: Users are notified if the password they have used is weak
  • Facial ID: There is an allowance to include an alternative image or face ID. This means that users can register another person’s face or decide to wear a face accessory they usually wear and register that as an alternative ID image.

9. Updated Apps

Apps update on the new iOS 12 are interesting to look at especially the car play app and the Stocks app as reviewed on CNBC and Apple.

Car Play App

Apple is notorious for only being able to operate and fully sync with apps on their store.

“Unlike android devices, which can work with apps from different producers, the new iOS 12 has an improved Car Play app.”

The Car Play app can now work with third-party navigation apps like Google Maps. This is interesting seeing that some people may prefer using google maps to navigate and/or find locations as they are more accurate than Apple maps.

Stocks App

The stock app is also handier on the iOS 12. It now features news feed directly from Apple allowing users to avoid switching between apps.

Apple Books App

This app is built to make it easier for users to find and download e-books and audio books online. The new design of the app is friendly and easy to use.

Voice Memos App

On the new iOS 12, there is no need to transfer audio record files between devices. Users can now access audio recordings from another device by granting permission.

10. Emergency Tracking from 911

The new iOS 12 makes its users easier to locate in times of emergency increasing their personal security.

This is done on an automated system where the location of a user is sent to the emergency line when dialed. The location goes through a series of tracking networks like Wi-Fi data, GPS data, and cell tower data.

This technology is called the Apple Hello technology.

Apple Hello technology ensures that the location information is sent only to the emergency network when the user calls them.

Trusted Reviews also pointed out that this feature has only been announced to function with US emergency services.

11. The Do Not Disturb Feature

In addition to the new personalization allowed on the screen time, there is also a ‘do not disturb’ feature included. Both of them work in order to aid users and help them effectively manage their time. The do not disturb feature is helpful at night time and when driving to avoid unwanted interruptions.

Do Not Disturb
Do Not Disturb – Copyright Apple

12. New AR Experience and Interaction

The Measure App mentioned earlier is a part of the new improvements. The iOS 12 is made more interactive by including features that can be a shared user experience in the same virtual space.

A more detailed explanation of what this can open up for users is available on Techradar by Fitzsimmons (2018). It explains how multiple users can interact on the same virtual scene and make adjustment. This added experience will be interesting for gamers. It may encourage more people to participate in the virtual world allowing for a fun production.

As you can see, there are a wide range of helpful additions on the new iOS 12. Some of which have provided solutions to a lot of complaints previously made by Apple users.

While there are more things available in the new iOS, these twelve are highly anticipated and are making everyone excited for the new release to come.

I hope this article helped you understand the new iOS 12 update for Apple users.

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