5 Reasons Why Law Firms Need a Mobile App

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Shouldn’t it be illegal for a law firm not to have an app?

After all, the digital age or IT age is upon us and has been for quite some time. Technology in this century is changing every aspect of our lives with the most significant innovation being our smart devices.

Between our mobile phones typically running on either the Android or iOS operating systems, the world’s vast population has come to depend on their mobile device for day-to-day activities.

Mobile apps and the opportunities that they provide both businesses and consumers expand in a new way every day. And while there is absolutely nothing wrong with just doing the basics on your phone (checking emails, website browsing, using search engines, etc.), a mobile phone app can open a whole new world for you and your law firm.

Research has found that people prefer using mobile apps over going to a website for the same information. Consumers find that it is faster and more convenient to retrieve information when they have an app.

They can find the answers they’re looking for with little to no hassle at all. Law firms can use this research to their advantage with customized mobile apps that move past the competition in their various fields of expertise.

Law and Mobile Apps

Are lawyers and their firms the last to embrace technological changes? Can mobile apps change the way lawyers operate? Can an app make the job of an attorney or prosecutor more efficient? If you’re not one of the lawyers getting ahead of the trend, you may be one of the last few to read about it in books! The answer to all these questions is of course, yes. Why? Well, because we have to remember that a law firm is a business; a business of servicing people, and any good business needs a brand.

Apps for influencers

In our high-tech mobile society, something as simple as a mobile app can be the difference between your firm now and your firm being the next big thing. Professional fields like medicine and engineering all use mobile apps for a variety of reasons. The apps can keep up with market trends, logistics, human resources, and many other aspects of their respective fields. Why then, can’t this new technology help judges, lawyers, and legal agencies as well as their clients?

Legal Mobile App

Currently, there are many mobile apps for legal agencies. Some of which are ShalePlay, McCullough Robertson IP Health Check Apps, Bracewell, NotaryCam, illegal Legislation, and Bird & Bird to name few. The legal apps are available to law students, lawyers, and law firms, and each of these apps serve several purposes. Mobile legal apps can be classified into two categories: the software app designed specifically for lawyers and law firms, and apps developed for the clients who use the services of legal personnel. Lawyers and firms that have adopted mobile apps stand out more than their practicing competitors. Below are just a few of the reasons why law firms should consider having their own application.

5 Reasons Why All Law Firms Must Have a Mobile App

Aside from obvious benefits like exposure and easy accessibility for clientele, there are several other reasons why all law firms must have a mobile app. The top five are listed below:

1 – It is the dominating trend

Take a look around you. Both small and large businesses are using apps, so don’t rule it out because it may seem expensive. Affordable software programmers are available, and they can design excellent apps for your firm and legal expertise.

Apps distinguish your brand from the multitude of firms out there.

And a mobile app is especially helpful for new lawyers, law students, and law firms. The app can create a niche for your brand and increase your visibility by exposing your brand to the world.

2 – Apps Allow Access To a Growing Market

The mobile user market is growing exponentially, and more people rely on their phones for everything. A good mobile app packed with good legal content will help you stay in touch and engage with your users. You can use the app to provide helpful, general legal advice, or add features that will allow you to share your legal opinions with potential clients and leads.

3 – Keeps your Client in Mind

Competition in any business is fierce. This is especially true in the legal field. With hundreds of law graduates every year, each one of them sets out into the world to prove why they believe they are the best. Though there are countless other ways to advertise, a mobile app is a way to reach your clients directly. Look at it this way: why wouldn’t you want your app will be right in front of them every time they pick up their phone?

4 – Client’s Preference

Statistics show that many users prefer a mobile app to visiting a website. Using an app is less rigorous which may be helpful to clients already overwhelmed by legalese.

Apps are easy to use, and the messages they provide are straight to the point and free of the unnecessary distractions one would encounter on a web page.

No matter what type of mobile app you decide to develop, make sure it caters to the needs of your potential clients.

5 – Organization

It is a known fact that lawyers and law firms use emails more than most other professions. A mobile app will keep your firm organized and make replying to your messages much easier.

Respond to clients directly from the app without the additional stress of using a separate mailbox.

Your app can be developed to keep everything in one place and help your law firm run more smoothly.

A legal mobile app can be developed for anything on the legal spectrum. So, whether you are into public or private practice, you can have a mobile app that caters to your clients’ needs. Brand your image, gain visibility, and grow your client base depending on your mobile app content.

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