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The growth of the internet and its impact on the way we do business has given new meaning to the idea of content creation.

Over the last decade, brands have been investing more in business media, and they have also equipped content creators and online influencers with new tools, and better ideas to help promote their brand’s efforts.

As the need for content creation grows, so does the need for direct interaction with the audience. And as such, companies have turned to creating a mobile presence—a new norm for content creators.

As technology changes, mobile apps become as important as the content itself. Apps increase user engagement and ensure that your brand is always kept fresh in the minds of your audience.

Mobile apps can also mean a more direct and measurable user experience, which in turn can help shape public perception of your brand.

Considering a mobile app for your content-based business?

Below are 9 essential reasons why online content creators and influencers need their very own mobile applications:

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1 – Increase audience interest

The number of smartphone users around the world is growing, and that means creators have a huge viable market for their content. Mobile apps make your work accessible to more users from different parts of the world. Once those same users are able to search for and use your app, you’ve unlocked an entirely new market that can be used to grow your brand.

2 – Connect directly with your audience

As a content creator, you are working to build a positive public perception—a task that becomes easier when you have a direct link to the people you want to target.

Over ninety percent of smartphones are Android or iOS. And there are more people with smartphones than there are people with a personal computer.

With your mobile app, you can connect and communicate with your audience directly making it much easier to collect valuable feedback.

3 – Receive direct reader feedback

Statistics show that the number of mobile users worldwide is estimated to be about 53 billion. This estimate is on the rise, as well as the total number of apps being downloaded every day. It all goes to show that since people spend more time on their smartphones than they do on other devices, they are more inclined to reach for an app than a browser.

”More importantly, the feedback collected from your mobile app is also likely to be more accurate than data collected from your website.”

As an online influencer, the move to a mobile app is a natural one and can help target more subscribers or sales and an overall larger audience.

4 – Use your app to work

The era of only using WordPress to make your blog posts is quickly fading away. These days, good content writers use a host of applications to make their content informative and engaging.

Online Influencer App

For example, Adobe Spark helps create witty and engaging quotes and imagery for your content. Writers can also use Google Docs to create, edit, and share documents. While apps like Grammarly and Correctica both help to create error-free write-ups.

If the content you produce is something other than writing, the Coshedule app may be able to keep track of your activity schedule. All these applications show the usefulness of having a mobile app that you too can use to market to your customers.

5 – Keep your brand relevant

Creating a mobile app is a fantastic opportunity to be able to keep your brand in the public’s mind constantly. Take the release of brand new content for example.

Each time new content is introduced, the mobile app can quickly catch the attention of all your followers. You can engage with them about the new features or a new development in your niche.

You can also create exciting activities completely centered around your content. For example, Google apps give you the advantage of having pop-ups on Android devices, even if the app is not open. You can use this to remind your audience to come back to the app and interact with your business.

6 – Network with other Content Creators

Mobile apps are ideal for networking. They keep your content engaging, not only to your audience but to fellow content creators as well. You can use your app to interact and share ideas with fellow content creators and keep tabs on your social media as well.

Online Influencer App

Your mobile app can be used to keep in touch with a variety of people, all to help grow your business.

7 – Keep up with the tech trend 

Technology, as we have it, is not the same as it was ten years ago and will continue to be different in the next ten years.

These days, having a mobile presence is now a requirement for every content producer and every website.

Web developers are making websites mobile-friendly because they understand the influence of mobile devices. More people are using their phones for everything in their lives—especially for information searches. As a content writer and online influencer, it is important that you own a mobile app to stay competitive in our quickly developing tech age.

8 – Never miss a moment

Content creators need to post new articles as often as possible. New offerings ensure that the audience is constantly engaged with the brand and product.

It also helps keep your brand relevant in your industry as mobile apps help to bridge the gap between creator and audience.

You can stay on top of your niche and make it, so your audience never skips a beat on the new and exciting things to come next for your brand.

9 – Advertise on a budget

Having a mobile app allows you to show your audience whatever you want. Besides the cost to develop the app, mobile apps allow for cheap to virtually free advertising.

Because you’re directly connected with your consumers, your app has a more direct impact on the audience than a more conventional form of advertisement.

The push notifications also allow for more personal interactions than email, for example, and can help promote offers from both you and partner companies.

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For content creators, having your own mobile app can make all the difference in your marketing.

Let’s make great things happen.


(Original Article Date: August 14, 2019/Updated March 30, 2021)

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