5 Incredible Ways to Make Your Blog Stand Out in the Crowd (Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2019)

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Do you really know how to stand out in the crowd?

2019 is shaping up to be a big year for Bloggers.

As people continue to consume content through various social media outlets, they are beginning to realize the power of Influencers.

One of the main attractions you have as a Blogger is your influence on the buying decision that your followers make.

And yes, brands and marketers are paying attention to this.

As a Blogger, your tribe has an interest that aligns with your message. This is great for you as it brings in a highly-targeted audience which allows you to stand out from everyone on Instagram and other social media platforms.

How to Stand Out as a Blogger and Dominate

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1 – Understand the Social Media Algorithms

One of the difficulties as a Blogger is depending on digital content as a means of income through the constant changing of the algorithms on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Yeah, I know you’re tired of hearing about the mysterious “algorithm.” 

But, while this is largely out of the control of your hands, it is important to understand what each platform is promoting at the time.

The reason is, as a Blogger you must always review your analytics to know what type of content the algorithm is favoring.

So, if you have been posting infographs that are highly visible and engaging, it’d be wise to continue to craft content that continues to serve your audience and work in your favor. 

Reviewing the stats of your work will always keep you ahead of the game and stand out from the crowded online spaces!

2 – You have to Pay-to-Play on Social Media

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You have to keep in mind that as these platforms become used more and more for marketing, it will continue to be a pay-to-play environment.

This will hurt you if you choose not to pay for advertisements, but rather let your organic reach do the work.

Now, I don’t want you to feel defeated, I just want to give you a few things to think about as you continue to develop your online marketing strategy. Consider focusing on the platform that is giving you the most in return for your blog business.

For many Bloggers, Pinterest continues to be one of the main driving factors for traffic and revenue. However, Pinterest does not create the sense of community that is needed to maintain your income.

This is where platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and even podcasting come into play. These three options allow for more engagement and connection with your followers. So, find which one works best for your blog and DOMINATE it!

3 – There Must Be Online Engagement

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Another challenge for Bloggers in 2019 is to create content that is highly engaging as mentioned earlier.

Once digital marketers found out how effective social platforms, such as Facebook were, it became cluttered very quickly.

Online engagement can become difficult to get, especially from an organic perspective. As a high-performing Blogger, at some point you will have to spend money in order to get your content seen. This method is a surefire way to increase engagement.

The one thing you must always keep in mind is that while paying for visibility online seems like an easy boost, you have to be highly strategic about it or you will waste lots of money putting your content in front of the faces of the wrong people.

4 – Stop Obsessing About the Algorithm

Although it was mentioned earlier to understand the algorithm, what ultimate beats it is quality content!

If you put out content that is valuable, you will always have engagement.

The thing I hear all the time from Bloggers and other Influencers is that “Instagram hates me!” They have told me time and time again that their content is amazing and that it’s the algorithm hating on them.

Ways to stand out on social media

When I go to view their content, I’m underwhelmed. They offer nothing that makes them stand out in the crowd of that social media platform.

You should always look at your competitor and see what’s working for them. You don’t have to copy what they’re doing, just make something similar that’s 10 times better and speaks directly to your avatar.

Plus, the always changing algorithms shouldn’t completely affect your visibility online if you knock it out the park with your content. Look at the example below:

As you can see, this Blogger could’ve posted a regular photo with a basic caption, but she didn’t. She went the extra mile to provide an informative caption along with a visual aid to keep her readers on her post longer.

5 – Evergreen Content Will Always Rule

Current news and trends are good for viralability and to get the initial eyes on your blog business, but content that can stand the test of time is how your brand will thrive.

Those same blogging practices that have made your blog successful should always be applied to social media platforms.

Ways to stand out from the crowd. Blogger taking photo with black camera.

What about evergreen content on Instagram?

If you’re favorite platform is Instagram, then you’ll want to have a helpful caption to accompany the gorgeous photo you’ve created. Don’t just post your photo and say:

“Good times with the family! #lifegoals #familyovereverything…”

Give your reader MORE!

For example, if you do have that epic family shot, write a compelling post that highlights both your family and your business. But, don’t do it in a shady way. State something that hits to the core of your followers like:

How bloggers stand out from the crowd. Little kid kissing baby sibling.

“Family is my life! Creating this blog business has made me truly learn a lot about myself that I didn’t know existed. My husband and my kids have all been supportive even when I’ve had to have long days away from them. Mom guilt is real and I’m still trying to find that balance. What do you do when you go through this type of guilt in your business or in your career?

#bloglife #familyiseverthing #momboss

Do you get it now?

Although this caption talks about the business, it let’s the readers in on a more vulnerable side of you. Plus, a question at the end opens up the box for high engagement which can give you multiple leads for your product.

This is just an example that I would put on Instagram, but you can adjust it for whatever social media platform you like the most. The main thing I want you to remember is that:


This is important in understanding how to remain relevant and stand out in the crowd of the online world.

6 – Give Back

Bloggers gathering together to give back and stand out from the crowd.

Being a kind person is not just for the people you know and see in your life each day. As a blog business owner, you have to think of ways to give back to others.

While online, we sometimes get caught up in our numbers that we forget about the people who got us here…

Our followers. Our tribe. Our community.

Give back to them by being genuinely interested in their life. Try to comment on at least one of your follower’s posts each day. This will turn them into your raving fan, especially since many successful Bloggers don’t dedicate time to their community in this way.

A powerful tip that I learned from Pat Flynn is to answer a reader’s question on a social media platform like Instagram with a direct video message.

Now that’s how you give back to your tribe!

7 – Don’t Stop the Partnerships

No, I’m not talking about brand partnerships, but collaborations that you probably did when you first started blogging.

You remember linking up with another Influencer to post an amazing photo on your Instagram back in the day?

How to stand out from the crowd.

Many of the top Bloggers aren’t using this method as much, but it still works!

The only caveat is that you have to strategically pick someone one who can help improve your visibility online with the right audience for your brand.

This person is not a direct competitor, but someone in your niche who solves a different aspect of the problem.

For example, if you both are in the food blogging industry, maybe one of you specializes in vegan friendly crock pot dishes, while the other focuses on vegan friendly desserts.

Final Thoughts

Several successful Bloggers are using the knowledge they’ve gain cultivating their blog business into growing their social media presence. Many of the principles are the same, you just have to understand the little nuances that a specific platform is looking for.

My top tip for helping Bloggers stand out in the crowd of thousands of Social Media Influencers is to always optimize your profile/page and posts. As a Blogger, you how important SEO, readability, and beautifully placed media is to your blog.

Take that same approach with any social media platform and you will be successful. Learn what they want, read what the guidelines are from their actual online help page, and give them what they’re asking for. Those are the keys to being notice in the crowded room of social media.

Once you’ve conquered those action steps, you are able to increase your revenue, grow your online, presence, and have a thriving community.

This creates a life of freedom and allows you to continue to provide the best life for your family.

Plus, you’ll make a positive impact in your community!

Meaning you will never be forgotten!

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What’s Next?

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This gives you the control to not only solidify your topic authority, but it also allows you to not be affected by constantly changing algorithms of social media.

From there, the app can help you monetize your content by selling and marketing it all in one location.

You can use your talents in a way that has never been possible until now.

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