How to Find the Best App Developer

How to Find the best app developer



You Need an App Developer—Here’s How to Find One

Few of us are creative enough to come up with the next big thing in the app store. You’ve found a niche or market that needs attention in a specific area and this prospective app will solve that problem.

You know what it needs to do, how you want your users to use it, and most importantly who it will benefit most. Your new app idea is more or less all figured out! Except of course, how to actually make the app itself.

The good news.

Not every iOS or Android app available in their respective stores was thought of and created by a tech wiz straight out of M.I.T. In fact, some of the biggest app-based success stores were founded or co-founded by people with no background in technology at all. Take political science major Tim Westergren, co-founder and former CEO of Pandora or Tim Chen, founder of NerdWallet who studied economics—not computers as great examples of non-techies bringing huge apps to life.

Many of our app development clients have absolutely no tech experience at all. And within today’s booming tech industry lies an innumerable amount of app and web developers who are more than willing to take on your project. But are they qualified to do so?

The challenge.

All code is not created equal. The app developer you choose will significantly impact the quality of your app, the user experience and the amount of maintenance it will need to keep it from crashing. At Dynamik Apps, all our work is presented front and center to help you make the right choice. A little bit of homework goes a long way. To save yourself a heap of agonizing work later, consider the following when hiring an app developer:

  • Are they experienced?
  • How well do we communicate?
  • What is my budget?
  • Is this developer trustworthy?

How do I find an app developer?

Well, you’re here at, an app development company so you’re well on your way in your online search. We offer a series of premium app development services for everything from simple apps to database apps and even social networks. We know the ins and outs of what makes a good developer. So how do you find the right one? And how do you know they’re worth the investment?

Experience is Everything

What has your programmer done in the past? Your app developer should be ready to provide a credible portfolio of everything they’ve done recently so you know just what to expect from their work. Check out this portfolio from Dynamik Apps to view some of our past projects from clients just like you.

Beware of Bad Communicators

Communication is key to developing your dream app. If you and your programmer are not on the same page, how can he/she understand how you want the finished product to perform? Apps require great attention to detail. And as any good programmer knows, a single misstep in code can have disastrous results for the end user. Find a team you can communicate well with who are always ready to answer your questions. At Dynamik Apps, you can visit our questions page for general inquires, or send us a message using this contact page. If direct email is more your style, is the best way to reach your app developer.

Build A Budget

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for.

Think of the kind of app you want and consider the following:

  • How complex do I want the app to be?
  • How much maintenance will it need?
  • What kind of app is it?
  • Who will use this app?
  • Does the app need any integrations?
  • What specific features will the app need?

Spend some time writing out your ideas before you start consulting with a developer. The more you play with the kind of functions you want, the more familiar you will be with the process. In general, more complex the app, the more you can expect to spend for a high-quality program.

Familiarizing yourself with the basics in similar apps will increase your understanding of app development, strengthen communication between you and your developer, and help you build a reasonable project budget. Above all, trust your instincts. If someone is offering a full-fledged gaming app with multi-user functionality for $100, you should probably run in the opposite direction.

Finding Someone Trustworthy

With app development, you’re essentially trusting someone you do not know with a pretty important project. The importance of trust cannot be understated. If available, ask your developer for references and check them out yourself. See what other clients and companies have to say about the developer you’re considering. Rummage through their portfolio to make sure they can do the work they say they can do and check out their social media to scan for red flags and see how the company conducts itself.

how to find an app developer
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